Our Curriculum

Here we will describe our weekly/monthly curriculum. Our goal at Robin’s Nest is to provide a safe and fun learning environment. Our curriculum includes academics, social/emotional lessons, fine motor and large motor, as well as learning through play.

Infant Curriculum

Our infant curriculum focuses on meeting each child 6 weeks and older where they are at – each child meets milestones differently and we strive to help them learn and grow each day. We work with our infants on sign language, social development, language development (babbling & laughing), visual tracking, and muscle development (tummy time, sitting/pulling up, standing).

Toddler & Preschool Curriculum

Our toddler and preschool curriculumĀ focuses on helping the children develop daily routines and transitions as well as encouraging their physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and language development. We use a curriculum program called “A daycare” to empower our teachers with a daily lesson plan layout which they manipulate to better fit each child’s learning and development.

Pre-KĀ  Curriculum

Our Pre-Kindergarten curriculum is developed by our teachers to fit each classroom’s needs. We focus on every aspect of kindergarten readiness including math/counting skills, literacy/writing skills, social and emotional development, and language development. You can see each of our lesson plans posted outside of our classrooms for more detail about their focus for the week.